Central Ballard Residents Association

Organized to provide a forum for action on community issues

On February 7, residents of Central Ballard announced the launch of the Central Ballard Residents Association (CBRA). The Association was formed to provide a forum for and to advocate on behalf of all residents in Central Ballard to promote livability in the neighborhood’s historic core.

“Our main goal is to provide a forum to ensure that the resident community is involved in issues that affect it,” said Michael Kahrs, President of CBRA. “As longtime central Ballard residents, we wish to talk with our fellow residents about community issues which concern them, and provide community input on issues which affect our members.”

We have identified the following initial areas of interest and concern:

  • Housing development
  • Retail and commercial development
  • Human Services
  • Housing affordability
  • Crime prevention and safety
  • Parks, open spaces, and environment

“Ballard has been changing at a tremendous rate,” continued Kahrs, “and we wish to ensure that these changes do not adversely impact those wonderful attributes which caused us to become Ballardites in the first place.”

“We are a membership organization open to every central Ballard resident,” said Martha Dilts, CBRA Vice President.

More information on becoming a member of CBRA


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